Publication Policies

Authorship rules

During the HR meeting in Baveno in October 2016, it was agreed that named authors in the HR papers include:

HR Working Groups (WG)

5 Cancer specific HR Working Groups are established as follows:
every HR WG include the directors of every participating CR, one member of CR staff directly involved in the relevant cancer specific data collection, the data manager who merged the French data on breast and colorectal cancers, the INT person who harmonised all the txt and access data, and one representative of the INT ICT Unit.

Here following the predefined cancer-specific HR WGs:

Steering Committee (SC) members

It was agreed that a HR Steering Committee (SC), composed by one member from each country involved in the study, will be responsible for the appraisal and approval of all study proposals based on HR data.
Here you can view the SC members list.

Cancer-specific HR study protocols

During the HR meeting in Baveno in October 2016, the possibility that all HR WG members submit study proposals involving the HR databases was approved (and encouraged).

All members of the 5 HR WGs are warmly invited to submit study proposals. Proposing Investigators should send proposals to the HR SECRETARIAT for the Steering Committee (SC) consideration and approval. The SC has a 15-day-deadline for providing comments.

Before submission, drafts ready for publication should be sent to the HR SECRETARIAT for circulation among the cancer-specific HR WG. A 30-day-deadline is set for comments and remarks.

Material relevant for submission: