HR Study

HR Study Protocol

The High Resolution studies aim to collect at the population level the information here following sketched:

ITEM Requested information
Information common to all cancers
  • Patient date of birth
  • Date of cancer diagnosis
  • ICD-O-3 topography code
  • ICD-O-3 morphology code
  • Cancer grading and behaviour
  • Lists of all comorbidities present at cancer diagnosis (all the 19 items included in the Charlson index)
  • Performance status (ECOG or Karnowsky scale)
  • Clinical and life status follow-up
  • Cancer-specific information
  • Diagnostic exams (for both primary and metastatic sites)
  • Stage (TNM) at diagnosis (clinical and/or pathological)
  • Stage after a neo-adjuvant treatment
  • No. of total examined and positive lymph nodes
  • Treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and innovative therapies – e.g., targeted - type of surgery)
  • Information on hormonal expression (at least for breast cancer)
  • Disease transformation (for follicular lymphoma only)
  • For each item, it is provided the list of variables, their definition and their coding.
    Data can be collected in two formats (txt/csv or via the Access databases* made available by the INT coordinating unit), as follows:

    Definitions relative to information on co-morbidities and performance status evidenced at the diagnosis required in the protocol are provided here, while the full protocol is available for download here.

    For best harmonization in data collection across the EU, FAQ sheet is made available.
    Automated quality check procedures* are applied to all registry-based cancer-specific databases. Most errors/warnings related to variables common to all cancers under study and some errors/warnings related to the cancer-specific variables are coming from the ENCR-JRC (European Network of Cancer Registries-Joint Research Centre) quality checks available online at this webpage.

    HR Database Releases

    More than one release of the HR databases will be made available: a new database release will be analysed as soon as new updates and/or checked databases are sent to FTP center.

    Here following the list of the available releases:

    * login required. Please use your HR FTP credentials to login.